Posted by: backpackersescapades | March 6, 2009

Another SP Night: World Chicken Dinner

Since Gail asked us again for help, Tanja, Joms and I came to the rescue. It was another SP night for the four of us and we were off once again to Bulacan. As usual, we meet up at TriNoma at the food court. We planned to eat dinner first before going to Gail’s place. Since Joms and I were the first one there, we decided to reserve a place to dine. We waited in front of World Chicken since we liked the place in the corner. After the people there vacated the place, we quickly settled there to wait for Tanja and Gail (who went to Tanja’s apartment to get some stuff).

Tanja, Joms and I decided to buy food at World Chicken since it was the one nearest. Gail on the other hand, preferred Paotsin.

World Chicken offers a combination of pasta or rice with side dishes of your choice together with grilled chicken where you could choose the sauce you want in it.  I ordered a Fettuccine and a Macaroni Salad and the Chicken with Ranch Barbecue sauce. Joms ordered Fettuccine, Mashed Potato with gravy and the Chicken with Ranch Barbecue sauce. There are other combination available there that you could experiment from depending on your cravings.

Joms Chicken with Barbecue Ranch sauce, Fettuccine and Mashed Potato

Joms' Chicken with Barbecue Ranch sauce, Fettuccine and Mashed Potato

Chicken with Barbecue Ranch sauce, Fettuccine and Macaroni Salad

Chicken with Barbecue Ranch sauce, Fettuccine and Macaroni Salad

The pasta was good. It has tuna and a cream sauce. The pasta alone could fill you up easily. I liked their macaroni salad. It has bits of ham, pineapple and some mayo. It was not like the one i used to love at home but still, it is a macaroni salad and I love it. The chicken was also nice with the Ranch Barbecue sauce. It tasted like something I tasted before that I couldn’t figure out. It was something like I tasted before and I liked it. I also tasted Joms’ mashed potato and it was also good. They give a generous amount of gravy that goes well with it. We were so full since they have big servings. We rested for a while before continuing our journey.

We rode an FX taxi at TriNoma going to SM Fairview and from there, we rode a jeepney going to Pangarap. From there, we rode a tricycle to Gail’s Place. We were already familiar with the whole trip since it was our second time there.

At Gail’s house, we rested for a while  before coding. We were quite relaxed now since there were a few things to do to finish the entire SP. At 6am in the morning the next day, I dozed off and was awaken when they were fixing a bug. After that, I wasn’t sleepy anymore. We finished the SP and decided to eat breakfast before resting. We slept at 8am and had our well deserved rest (even for a bit). Gail couldn’t sleep so he decided to check again his SP. I was the one who awoken first and I helped Gail in testing the code and it was good, his method was working perfectly. After a while, Joms and Tanja were awake, they joined in when we found another bug. It was lunch time and we eat lunch there. We stayed for a while to take a bath and watch a movie before going home.

It was another long day and I was asleep on the bus after a few mnutes of riding it. We all hope that Gail could present his SP this semester so that we could all go out and celebrate.


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