Posted by: backpackersescapades | March 5, 2009

Curry Curry House Dinner

Since Joms and I was already stressed with work for the week, I decided to invite him for dinner at Curry Curry House in Mega Atrium in SM Megamall. He agreed and we went there after work.

Curry Curry Houses interiors

Curry Curry House's interiors

The restaurant offers Japanese food. They have a variety of food, mostly with Japanese curry in it. They also serve unlimited rice, iced tea and they have wifi in their store. Their place is small but nice. They have wooden chairs and nice lighting. They have this ninja character on their wall holding chopsticks. It was cute and I like it. They play music too and it is a nice place to dine and chill. Only few go to their place and at that time, we were their only customers.

We ordered their Bento meal wherein you could choose any of their meal to put in there. We picked the Chicken Tereyaki Bento meal. It comes with miso soup, fruit and vegetable salad, slices of oranges, dice fried tofu, the chicken tereyaki in curry sauce, fired rice and iced tea. For an additional amount you could make the fried rice unlimited. We shared the bento seal since it was a big serving and we don’t want to eat much.

Chicken Tereyaki Bento meal

Chicken Tereyaki Bento meal

Joms with our meal

Joms with our meal

The chicken was good. It was yummy with the mixture of tereyaki sauce and curry sauce. The salad was also good. The dressing was like that of the salad we ate at Pepper Lunch but a bit lighter. The miso soup was good. It has a piece of squidball in it and some sea weeds. It was the first time I ate a squidball that was not fried and it was a different taste. You’ll know its squidball minus the crunch of the fried surface. The fried tofu was also good. It was like it was fired with some breading because the texture is different. It is drizzled with some sauce and it lays on some shredded cabbage. The fried rice was good. Even though I said that I’ll only eat half of the one served, in the end, I think I ate about a cup. Joms liked it too since he ate almost 4 cups. We also enjoyed the unlimited iced tea. It has a bit of calamansi in it. We ordered an extra soda since there was only one iced tea that comes with the meal.

We were full after consuming the whole bento meal. We stayed for a while to chit chat before heading home.



  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

    • Thanks again.. I’ll be posting more soon.. =)

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