Posted by: backpackersescapades | March 3, 2009

Street Food Galore at Central BBQ Boy Grill

It was yet another Central BBQ Boy Grill night for us. Jape, Irish Joms and I wet to Central BBQ Boy Grill once again to de-stress.

Centrals 2+1 promo

Central's 2+1 promo

This time, it was weekday that’s why we availed of their 2+1 promo on their Cocktail Mixes. If you buy two of their mix, you get a third one (flavor of your choice) for free. It also comes with a free cropek and dip. We ordered two Bad Boy and a Bad Girl for free. But in the end, we ended up ordering another mix. We ordered Bad Trip since Jape haven’t tasted it the first time we went there.

Bad Girl, Bad Boy and Bad Trip

Bad Girl, Bad Boy and Bad Trip

Since we enjoyed their pulutan there, we decided to taste the others in their menu. It was all street foods and we enjoyed everything we tasted that night. We had B2K, Chicken Isaw and Baboy Isaw.



Chicken Isaw

Chicken Isaw

Baboy Isaw

Baboy Isaw

We wewr supposed to order Balat ng Chicks (Fried Chicken Skin) but it was not available that night so we ordered B2K instead. The B2K is deep fried pig intestine on stick. It was crispy and is good when sipped in ketsup. It was quite dificult to bite since it crumbles everytime you bite a piece.

The Chicken Isaw was also good. We ordered it before and it was good that’s why we orderd it again. The Baboy Isaw was new to us. It was the grilled version of the B2K and it was served with soy sauce as dip. It was good even though it doesn’t smell that nice. We had two orders of this since we were enjoying the street food feast.

Luckily, everyone of us eats street foods that’s why we enjoyed the food that night. Everything we ordered was cheap but it was all delicious. I know this is not the last time we will go there.


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