Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 27, 2009

Gimik at Central BBQ Boy

Elouise invited us to spend Friday night together at Central BBQ Boy Grill at Madison Square in Boni Avenue. The AA agreed except for Wazer who has other gimik that night.

Irish, Jape, Elouise Joms and I went there after office hours ti chill and relax. It was our first time at Central and we didn’t know that it was cheap there. Since Irish and Jape need to do some stuff first, Elouse, Joms and I ate dinner there first. We ordered Sizzling Sisig that comes with rice for only P59.00. Quite cheep compared to other resto-bars. Elouise wanted some mayo but they said that it would have an extra charge but still we ordered one. It cost P15 pesos and the mayo has some mix. I think it was a pepper mayo that they use for dips in some of their food there. It was nice on the sisig. It tasted good. We also ordered a bucket of San Mig Light which costs only P192.00 for 6 bottles. It was really cheap there and we were starting to like the place.

As Irish and Jape got there, we ordered their famous mixes (since Irish wasn’t allowed of beer because it was what her derma told her). We asked if they still have their promo that if you order two pitchers of their mix, the third one is free but it was only for Mondays up to Thursdays. So we decided to start of with their famous Bad Trip. A pitcher costs about P190.00. We also ordered Isaw and Fried Crab Sticks for Irish’s dinner. The Bad Trip was made of Vodka, Gin, juice, and White Rum. It tasted good and Elouise liked it. She was delighted that unlike beer, the alcohol in the drink doesn’t affect her much. The Fried Crab Sticks were also good. It comes with the mayo pepper dip we had earlier for the sisig. Irish and Elouise didn’t like  the breading it has since they say it tasted like a green leafy veggie. The isaw was great. i missed eating those kind of food. A stick of it was almost the same as 3 regular isaw sticks you could buy on streets. It costs only P14 per stick. Quite cheap for the amount of chicken intestine on one stick.

Fried Crab Sticks



After we finished up with the Bad Trip, we decided to order their other mixes. We ordered Surfer Boy next. It was a mixture of Vodka, Dark Rum, Gin, White Rum, Lemonade and Juice. It was also good as the previous mix we had. We finished it quickly so we ordered a Bad Vibes next. I didn’t get to see what it was made of but I tasted Vodka and Gin in the mix. It also has some juice, I’m guessing it was a Four Season Juice. We also ordered another plate of Isaw and their Sizzling Chicken Salpicao. The Chicken Salpicao was good. It was made of bite sized chicken pieces and some seasoning for it and some chili. It was good pulutan together with the mix we were drinking. Soon, our drink was consumed and we tried another drink, the Bad Boy which was made of white rum and juice. I usually make that kind of mix when I am with my barkada in our subdivision. But Central’s mix was quite different from what we make. It was quite delicious. Maybe we use different juice for the mix.

Chicken Salpicao

Chicken Salpicao

Bad Trip, Surfer Boy, Bad Vibes and Bad Boy

Bad Trip, Surfer Boy, Bad Vibes and Bad Boy

We stayed there just before midnight since we still has work the next day. Elouise was fetched by her boyfriend Ryan and the rest of us took a cab. Joms even made a mistake of telling the driver that Irish lives in Pasay (she lives in Las Piñas). That driver really didn’t know Las Piñas since we got lost on the way to Alabang. I didn’t like the way he talked taht’s why I slept on the way to Alabang. But lesson learned, We should not let Joms talk to the cab driver when he is slightly drunk because he loses his sense of direction (just kidding Jomski! 😛 )



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