Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 19, 2009

Ice Cream Night at Dairy Queen

Irish invited us to eat at Dairy Queen in Megamall. At first, we were not sure when since everyone was busy but we’ve decided to go there Thursday night.

Irish, Elouise, Buboy, Joms, Ai and I went there. We decided to order first at KFC since we would be eating ice cream without dinner. We ordered some KFC Meltz for take out since we planned to eat at Dairy Queen.

As we got to there, we realized that their place is too small for a big group like us. We waited for some customers to leave but we weren’t lucky enough. So we decided to buy and eat somewhere else.

Joms and I ordered a Banana Split. It has a banana and a vanilla ice cream topped with three flavors, strawberry, pineapple and chocolate. Joms ordered for himself a Strawberry White Tea Smoothie. Since I love anything chocolate, I ordered a Double Mocha Fudge Moolatté. The others ordered DQ’s famous Blizzard. We all decided to go back at KFC to eat there since we bought our dinner there. It was also where we met up with Yhene that night.

Banana Split, Double Mocha Fudge Moolatté, Strawberry White Tea Smoothie

Banana Split, Double Mocha Fudge Moolatté, Strawberry White Tea Smoothie

The Banana Split was yummy. The banana is soft and it is good with ice cream. The strawberry syrup on the ice cream has bits of strawberries which I liked. The pineapple syrup too has chunks of sweet pineapples in it. The chocolate syrup was good. I think they have put a bit too much on it but who cares! it was altogether yummy!

Banana Split

Banana Split

I have tasted Joms’ Strawberry White Tea Smoothie and it was also good. It was not too sweet, just right. I didn’t get to savor its taste since I was enjoying my Moolatté. It was so yummy! It is chocolate with cream on top. I couldn’t describe it since I was so delighted of the taste of chocolate. I could only say that I loved it so much!

Strawberry White Tea Smoothie

Double Mocha Fudge Moolatté

Even though we didn’t get to eat at Dairy Queen, we get to enjoy their ice cream. I hope when we eat again there, there would be room big enough for us all.


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