Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 17, 2009

Racoon Cake Design by Art Cakes

As my special Heart’s day gift for Joms, I decided to give him a personalized cake.

As I was surfing the net, I came upon a cake shop that customizes cake deigns. Also, their cakes are small that it is really cute when you put personalized designs. They also design cup cakes that could be given as gifts for special occasions.

The store is Art Cakes. The nearest branch from our office (according to the net) is at Shangri-la Plaza Mall. I saw it once and decided to go there to inquire. But then, Irish and I  learned that they are not there anymore so I asked Irish if she could inquire for me at their SM Megamall branch. They said that they could design cakes on the day I need it and they will not have any extra charge.

And so, at Feb 14, Irish and I went there and had my cake done. They really design the cake in front of you and they really are fast. If only I wasn’t holding my phone for the design the artist is copying, I would have recorded it on video.

Art Cakes Design your cake as you wait

Art Cakes Design your cake as you wait

I requested for a racoon character design and at first, I didn’t think that he could copy it the way in the design I showed him but after a few minutes, the design started to take form and bit by bit, it has became a replica of my design.

Racoon Cake by Art Cakes

Racoon Cake by Art Cakes

At the office, I secretly placed the gift at Joms’ desk and as soon as he saw it, he was surprised. He didn’t want to eat it that moment because he liked the design on it so, we left it on the refrigerator at our pantry.

After the weekend, we decided to eat it and it tasted good. The icing however was a bit hard since it came from the refrigerator. Also, it is too sweet overpowering the taste of the cake itself. Overall, it is good. I would really suggest it as a gift since it could be personalized.

Joms with the cake

Joms with the cake

Racoon Cake Eaten



  1. Tnx!!! Jewi!!!! >:D<

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