Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 13, 2009

A Night with the Bandang Ruweda

Our officemate, Flip, invited us to watch their band’s gig at Sucat Parañaque. Together with Irish and Joms, we decided to come and watch them play.

Before 6pm that day, we left the office going to Sucat. We rode Flip’s van going there.  We met up with his band mates in a gas station in Sucat and from there, we looked for the place where they will play. At first, we stopped at a place where there is no trace of live bands performing. It was near the airport. We thought that the place we were supposed to go is hidden somewhere inside there but as they called their contact, we’ve learned that the venue was changed. And so we went to Rock ‘n Roll Bar and Restaurant in Sucat and there, the other bands were already playing.

Rock n Roll Bar

Rock 'n Roll Bar



We went inside paying P150 for the entrance and one free beer. There were a lot of bands lined up to play and the finale is the Join the Club band. Flip’s Band, which is called Bandang Ruweda, was lined up 10th as they’ve said. we decided to eat dinner first but unfortunately, they only serve beer and pulutan there. We went outside to look for a place to eat. We ended up in Chowking and there, we ate our dinner. After eating we went back to the bar to wait for Ruweda‘s turn to play.

Their band is composed of Lonay on Vocals, Olegs Gianan on Guitar, Kendal Absulio on Drums and Flip on Bass. You can know more about them on their myspace account.

At first, I didn’t know what their band name means. Once, Flip told us to search for its meaning but I forgot. Only Irish remembered and we’ve learned that it is the tagalog word for Ferris Wheel. I was confused because I thought that the tagalog name for it was Chubibo but then, they told me that Chubibo is the Merry-go-Round. A nice piece of information I’ve learned that night!

As we wait for Ruweda‘s turn, we drank our free beer while listening to other bands play. I was amazed that some of the band members of the other bands looked like some of our office mates. One that really amazed me was the one who looked like Marjun. He was a drummer and at first glance, you would really mistake him (if you know Marjun) as him. Von, Anthony, and even Ryan (Elouise’s boyfriend) also has a look alike there.

Merjun Look-alike on the left and Marjun on the right

Marjun Look-alike on the left and Marjun on the right

The other band’s music were too loud for us but still we listened. Some bands were almost shouting while the other’s, we cant understand any of the lyrics. It was still far from the Ruweda‘s turn to play that’s why we need to tolerate their music.

At last, it was Ruweda‘s turn. I haven’t heard them play ever. We were just there to support Flip so we don’t have any idea what kind of music they play. As we listen to them, I am starting to like their music. It was not too loud unlike the others. It was like bamboo’s style of music. I liked it that instantly, I became a fan. They played their original composition there, Mike was played first, then Hiwaga and lastly Giling. Their last song left us all singing after (LSS). Their music is really nice and I love it.

Ruweda on Stage

Ruweda on Stage

We went home after a while and decided not to wait for Join the Club since it was already past 12 midnight and we still have work the next day. Flip dropped Joms and I at Sucat toll gate exit while Irish at their house in Las Piñas.

Till Ruweda’s next gig!

Bandang Ruweda

Bandang Ruweda up close


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