Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 11, 2009

Starbucks Sandwiches

It was a stressful day at the office that’s why I invited Joms to chill at Starbucks. Since we were so lazy to go to Podium (we agreed that we would chill at Starbucks there next), we went to Shangri-la Plaza Mall instead. They have two Starbucks there. One is near the cinemas and the rooftop place and the other near the bars and Restaurant outside the mall.  We went to the one outside the mall since we haven’t tried it there yet.

Unfortunately, they have no vacant tables outside that’s why we ended up inside there. I don’t want to stay inside since the last time I was there, it was super cold but that night, the temperature is just enough. Maybe because there are a lot of customers coming in and out that it wasn’t that cold there.

SHC, Bacon and Eggs sandwich and Sausage and Eggs sandwich

SHC, Bacon and Eggs sandwich and Sausage and Eggs sandwich

Joms with our food and drinks

We ordered our usual Special Hot Chocolate drink and two sandwiches. One is Bacon and Eggs sandwiched in a bagel and the other one is Sausage and Eggs also sandwiched in a bagel.  We were like having breakfast only that it was in the evening. I’ve always wanted to taste their sandwiches since the last time Irish and Wazer bought one during our inuman session at ISB (we need the paper bag for Jape that’s why they bought a sandwich for take out just to have one).

The Sausage and Eggs is good. You could still taste the sausage and egg separately. It also has cheese that was melted when the sandwich was heated.  The Bacon and Eggs is also good. I love the bacon! It also has some cheese inside like the other sandwich.  It was nice to have tasted their sandwiches. The next time I go there, I know how each menu taste like.

Another Starbucks branch crossed out from our list!



  1. The “lamon” pose!!! =))

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