Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 10, 2009

Wham! Burgers Experience

When Irish and I went to Shangri-la to check if there is still an Art Cakes branch, we passed by Wham! Burgers. I asked Irish if they serve delicious burgers there and she said yes since She said that she ate there on her first pay check (I was not yet employed in ACS that time). We decided to eat there one time together with the rest of the AA’s.

And so we had dinner there. Together with Wazer, Jape, Flip, Joms and Irish, we went there to taste their burger. I was quite excited since it is another burger night.

Their place is quite small. It is found on the 5th floor near Recipes by Café Metro and Secret Recipes.  They only have a few seats available and if you come in with a large group, you need to re-arrange the chairs. There were moderate people eating there that time. There were a few empty tables near us.

Bronco Burger, Onion Rings, Cross Traxx Fries and soda

We ordered their Bronco Burger. Joms and I shared it since it is a large burger. The others ordered other Wham! burgers. I didn’t get to ask them what they’ve ordered since we were sitting on a long table and they are quite far from us.  We also ordered Onion Rings, Cross Traxx Fries and some sodas.

Wham!s Bronco Burger

Onion Rings and Cross Traxx Fries

Joms with our meal

Joms with our meal

The Bronco Burger is delicious. It is made up of a huge burger patty, some bacon strips, some onions and barbecue sauce. The barbecue sauce and the bacon is what makes this burger unique for me. Their burger patty is cooked good too (but I still like Brothers Burgers’ burger Patties). The Onion Rings is also good. It is crispy and you could still taste the onions. The Cross Traxx Fries is also good. I like the way it looks like. It makes me wonder how they make those kind of fries. The Onion Rings and the Cross Traxx Fries tastes eve better when dipped in ketchup and mustard (they have mustard there! hurray!).

We ended up that night with  full stomachs. I love burger nights! That would be two burger nights in one week! not bad! I love it!



  1. HUWAM!!!!!!

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