Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 9, 2009

The new KFC Cheezy BBQ Meltz

Joms told me about the new commercial of KFC. I haven’t seen it yet so I asked him what new food they offer. He said that it is some kind of toasted bread or something with some chicken (of course) in it. He wasn’t quite sure what it is and so we decided to go to KFC Shangri-la Plaza Mall and see for ourselves what was that latest menu in KFC.

It was KFC’s Cheezy BBQ Meltz. Sure enough it was toasted pta bread with chicken, tomatoes, nacho chips and cheese inside. It reminded me of a quezadilla I once tasted back in high school (only that there was no taco chips).

We ordered two Cheezy BBQ Meltz, four pieces Spicy Chicken Wings and sodas. We waited for our order to be served and luckily, the place we got is nice. It is in the corner of the restaurant with round table and has nice lighting. We always wanted to sit there but unfortunately, it was always occupied. This night however, we got lucky.

KFC Cheesy Meltz with Spicy Chicken Wings and sodas

KFC Cheesy BBQ Meltz with Spicy Chicken Wings and sodas

Joms with KFCs Cheesy BBQ Meltz

Joms with KFC's Cheesy BBQ Meltz

The food is served and we finally get to taste the Meltz. It was good. it has a bit of crunch (because of the taco chips) and the cheese is nicely melted on the chicken meat inside. However, it is good that you consume it while it is hot to enjoy its flavors.  If you eat it when it is quite cold, the cheese isn’t melted anymore and the taco chips is not that crispy. But still it is good.  We loved the Spicy Chicken Wings. It has the right amount of spice (the one I could tolerate) and I also loved the dip (garlic mayo). It goes well with the chicken. The chicken also goes well with their classic gravy.

We were solved that night. We get to taste KFC’s new treat and we liked it.



  1. napansin ko lang… nandito lahat ung “lamon” pose ko.. wahahahahaha =))

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