Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 4, 2009

Brothers Burger Dinner

I was still in High School when I first saw a Brothers Burger Branch. I got intrigued since at that time, I only know a few restaurants that serves delicious burgers. I told my parents about it and they said that we will eat there. But that day never happened.

Last Friday night when we were looking for a place to eat, I saw a newly opened branch of Brothers Burger in Mega Atrium at SM Megamall. I was surprised since it was the first time I saw a branch within a mall (they usually have their own place and not inside malls).  I was excited to eat there but then, they decided to go to Gotti’s Ristorante instead. I placed the restaurant in my bucket list and promised to eat there one day. And so I did.

I asked Joms one night to eat out there since I really really wanted to try their burgers. Their place in the Atrium is big enough to accommodate large crowd. Only a few people go to their place maybe because it was newly opened and people aren’t familiar with it. but I think in time, the place would be crowded. I’m just thankful that I’ve dinned in once when their place is still new and service is definitely the best.

Our meal

Our Meal

We ordered one Big Brother Burger for the two of us (since they don’t have the Brothers Burger that time). We agreed during our Baconator experience that the next time we eat large burgers, we share one piece since it is already good enough for two people (it is made of 1/2 lbs. beef, as said on their menu). The crew were kind enough to slice the burger in half for us. We also ordered a Creamy Chicken Supreme Pasta, two orders of Onion Rings and some sodas.

The burger was good. I liked it since it is meaty. Even if I only eat half of the usual size,  I was still satisfied. It is heavy on the stomach. The pasta was also good, It is creamy and has some chicken bits. It was also served with bread on the side. I think the taste is quite plain. It is too creamy that the cream is the only thing you taste after a while. Lastly, their onion rings are great. It is crispy and their dip ( I think it is garlic mayo ) matches it well. Joms loved, and so am I. I wonder how do they make those onion rings crispy like that. It tastes so good!

Big Brothers Burger

Big Brothers Burger

Creamy Chicken Supreme

Onion Rings

After a while, we were so full and decided to chit chat for a while before going home. The place where we sat was nice. They have a leather sofa there and a wide space for you to chill. We enjoyed the ambiance there for a little while before heading home.

Another burger craving was satisfied that night!


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