Posted by: backpackersescapades | January 30, 2009

Friday Night Out at Gotti’s Ristorante

Gottis Ristorante

Gotti's Ristorante

Irish, Ai, Yhene, Jape, Joms and I decided to eat dinner one Friday night. We went to the Mega Atrium at SM Megamall since Irish and Ai also wanted to shop.  At first, we were not decided where to eat since there are a lot of new restaurants in Atrium and Jape was a bit choosey on what he wanted to eat (he said he don’t like pasta since he just ate pasta the other night). But in the end, pizza and pasta is still our pick that Night.

Gotti’s Ristorante is a newly opened restaurant in Atrium. They serve pizza and pasta. I am not familiar with the restaurant so I think they only have a few branches (luckily, there is one in Atrium, I get to taste their food!). I don’t know where to find their other branches though (if they exist).

Their place is quite small and we get to wait to be seated. Since we were also waiting for Yhene, we decided to wait and ordered ahead. We were all hungry then but we diverted our attention by taking pictures there.

At last we were seated and soon our food came. We ordered Pasta Arrabiata, Carbonara, God Father Pizza, Four cheese Pizza and Italian Sausage

Ai and Irish with the pepper grinder

Ai and Irish with the pepper grinder

Pizza. Irish, Ai, Yhene and Jape shared the Arrabiata since the waiter didn’t get that they ordered two separate plates of the pasta. Joms and I shared the Carbonara. Of course, we also shared our pasta to the others and them to us. Yhene and Jape shared the Italian Sausage Pizza, Irish and Ai shared the Four Cheese Pizza and Joms and I shared the Godfather Pizza. We traded a piece of our pizza to get a taste of the others’ food.  What is nice about their restaurant is that you could ask the waiter that you be the one to use the pepper grinder to put some pepper in your food (Ai and Irish liked it).

The pizzas were good. I like the Godfather pizza the best since I like meaty pizzas. It has  lots of meat and bell peppers and black olives. It has the right amount of saltiness (I don’t like foods that are too salty since I have a low tolerance for salty foods). The Four Cheese Pizza is also good but I didn’t quite enjoyed it since it is made of cheese and it is too salty for my taste buds. But nevertheless, it is still good. Ai and Irish loved it. The Italian Sausage Pizza is also good. I also liked the sausages and cheese on the pizza but since I like variations of flavors, I still consider the Godfather pizza my pick for that night.

Godfther Pizza

Italian Sausage Pizza

Italian Sausage Pizza

Four Cheese Pizza

The pastas were also good. They are served with bread that was seasoned with herbs (I think it was rosemary). The Arrabiata is good. Their serving is quite big that’s why four (six, since Joms and I also tasted it) people shared it that night. It is quite spicy and since I am not quite fond of spicy food, I didn’t eat too much of it. The rest seems to like it and they even added chili to their share. I am quite contented with the Carbonara. I love white sauce pasta that’s why I enjoyed it. Also, there are a lot of bacon on top (I love bacon!) and the sauce is creamy. The plate we ordered is only good enough for two since we didn’t ordered the big one but still, we were able to share it to the rest.

Pasta Arrabiata


We were so full that night. Pizza and pasta is heavy on the stomach but we were satisfied. We went home after a few chit chats. We loved our Gotti’s experience and I am sure one of us will come back there soon.

Jape, Jeri, Joms, Ai, Irish and Yhene at Gottis Ristorante

Jape, Jeri, Joms, Ai, Irish and Yhene at Gotti's Ristorante


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