Posted by: backpackersescapades | January 28, 2009

Crepes & Cream Cravings

I was reading status messages on YM when I saw Irish’s. She was craving for Crepes & Cream. I remembered when I was looking for my mom in SM Mall of Asia when I passed by their stall there. I promised to myself that after I see my Mom and Aunt I would o back there and eat crepes but unfortunately, I never got a chance to come back.

I was thrilled that Irish was craving for it and I asked her to eat after work. She liked the idea but then we were low on funds and is waiting for the next payday. We agreed that we will eat there after the next payday.

I was constantly thinking and researching for their stores and menu on the net that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I said to Irish that we eat that day and it would be on me. She was glad and so we looked for the nearest Crepes & Cream on the net.

The closest was in Podium but we were not sure if until what time they will be open so we called but unfortunately, the contact number we got from a website is not updated so we had doubts if the Podium branch still exist. But then, we still went there having a Plan B just in case (we go to MOA and eat there).

Luckily, they still have a store there. Wazer, Joms, Irish and I ordered our crepes.  Wazer ordered a sweet crepe with a scoop of ice cream (I didn’t get what he ordered). Irish had Pork Floss plus Mozzarella cheese and Kani. Joms ordered Ground Beef plus Kani and Lettuce and I, Shredded Chicken plus Mozzarella Cheese and Honey Mustard Sauce. Joms and I also ordered Chocolate and Vanilla Milkshakes. Soon, Yhene joined us after her appointment in SM Megamall, she ordered Pork Floss Cheesy Omelette.

Crepes & Cream Chocolate and Vanilla Milkshakes

Crepes & Cream Chocolate and Vanilla Milkshakes

We were all satisfied with our crepes. Even though Joms, Irish and I were not sure of the combination we had for our crepes, it still turned out good. I love what turned out on mine. The mozzarella cheese was so good when it was melted on the shredded chicken and the honey-mustard sauce blends well with it. The best thing about that experience is the milkshake. Milkshake is love! both the chocolate and vanilla is so good! (I tasted Joms’ share :P) It is a good combination with a savory crepe.

Even though the crepes were not that big, they sure are heavy on the stomach (together with the milkshake). I loved this crepe experience and I am sure that I will go back when I again crave for crepes.

The next day, we learned that there is a newly opened Crepes & Cream store in the Mega Atrium in SM Megamall. Oh well, at least I get to go to Podium!


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