Posted by: backpackersescapades | January 16, 2009

Barbecue and Chocolate Night

I was craving for barbecue that night because Irish was telling me that she wanted to eat barbecue also. But since she has a different gimik tha night, I was left craving for a sumptuous barbecue meal. I quickly looked for the nearest barbecue place near our office and found one at Pearl Drive so I invited Joms to come.

Reyes Barbecues Grilled Liempo

Reyes Barbecue's Grilled Liempo

Reyes Barbecue offers pork, chicken and seafood barbecues using their clan’s secret recipe handed down in generation. They have different branches today and one of them is found on Pearl Drive. It is a small restaurant with just a few sitting capacity. They have  nice lighting in their place. The restaurant is not crowded even if it is a Friday night because most of their orders are for delivery or takeout.

We ordered Grilled Liempo and some sodas. Their meal comes with Java rice, atchara and their peanut sauce. I like the way the barbecue blends well with the peanut sauce. Joms liked it very much that he wanted to ask if they sell the sauce separately. I think in their Southmall Branch they are selling those delicious peanut sauce but I have to doublecheck since I just passed by the store and not sure if those are for sale or just for display purposes. Their food is delicious and I can say that I really love their barbecue. I would like to try their other menus next time I crave for it. My cravings for barbecue was satisfied that night. After we finished eating, we rested for a while enjoying the ambiance.

We decided to go to the Starbucks nearby to buy some hot chocolate since it is quite cold that night. Joms ordered two tall Signature Hot Chocolates and a slice of their Chocolate Cake. Their Hot Chocolate was good. It tasted like the tabela from Batangas I usually eat when I was a child. Their Chocolate cake was also good. eventhough it was just a small slice, it was enough for the both of us. It is rich in flavor, all the chocolate you are looking for in a chocolate cake. We stayed outside chitchatting and listening to other people’s conversation. After a few hours, we had enough of our chocolate overload food trip. we decided to go home and rest. That SHC was so good that we decided to order it every time we decided to kill some time in any Starbucks.


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