Posted by: backpackersescapades | January 13, 2009

Dinner at Aplaya

I have been long planning to go to the gimik place at Festival Supermall (Greens & Grills) but since most of our office mates are far from Muntinlupa. I haven’t got a chance to try the restaurants there.

One time when Joms and I passed by that plce (since the McDonald’s exit was the nearest exit that is still open before the mall closes) we decided to try the restaurants there some other time. And so we did.

The dim Lamps that light the tables at Aplaya Resto-Bar

The dim Lamps that light the tables at Aplaya Resto-Bar

Aplaya Resto-Bar is located at the Greens & Grills compound of the Festival Supermall.  It is just outside the mall near the Main Entrance and McDonald’s exit. It is a big restaurant that has a sea-side theme. Their tables have sand and shells decoration. I don’t know if it is part of there motif but the glass on the tables were quite sandy too. You really feel that you are near the beach especially if you dine outside since cold wind is blowing as you eat.  It is just a bit dark since the only source of light per table is a small dim lamp.

We ordered Sisig, Onion Rings, Garlic Rice and some booze there. Their Sisig was great. It was served on a Sizling plate with calamansi. It is much better than the other Sisigs I’ve tasted before. Also, I liked their Onion Rings. It comes with a dip made from mayonaise and ketchup. Too bad you have to pay extra if you want a refill. Their waiters were just so nice that the extra dip we ordered had a few extra. Another recipe I want to try at home.

Aplayas Sisig

Aplaya's Sisig

The place, the food, the service, and their price  is just right for barkada gimiks since it is not so crowded (given also that the place is big). The public restroom is accessible and it is guaranteed clean.  Joms and I decided to invite the rest of the AA next time if they want to try a different place to chill.

Another restaurant explored and blogged about!


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